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Mental Health Awareness


  • Holistic approach educating kids on mental, emotional, physical wellness


  • Strength-based approach encouraging & teaching positive mental health


  • The mental health benefits and improvements for kids involved in sport/active living

  • Emotionally safe environment, caring adult relationships & facilitating uplifting & supportive peer interactions

  • Educating kids on emotional intelligence and developing healthy coping skills

  • Teaching self-awareness & mindfulness for overall healthier mental/emotional states

  • Stressed, anger/anxiety, unmotivated/low-mood ->peaceful, confident, happier children


Effects of Kids from Covid Pandemic


  • Dramatically minimized engagement in organized play/instructional activity

  • Missing peer socialization in fun and competitive experiences

  • Lacking opportunities to challenge and grow

  • Personal goals have been halted

  • A culture of fear, unknowns, insecurities

  • Missing strong healthy relationships with positive adults in their community



Ways Our Coaches Support Your Child’s Mental Health


  • Focused on child’s capabilities

  • Setting and believing in achievable goals, expectations

  • Strength-based and celebrating successes

  • Nurturing, empowering, supportive

  • Ensuring engagement and inclusion of all children

  • Creating opportunities for personal growth

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