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     La-Rose Wellness and Basketball is a Family Collaborative that Promotes Basketball, Physical Literacy and Mental Health Awareness.

      We Organize Summer Camps/Clinics and offer Individual and Small Group Workouts for Boys and Girls of All Fitness Levels.

     Our Programs Help Kids Develop their Basketball, Fitness and Communication Skills in a Fun Way.

     We Train Fundamental Movements to Improve Fitness and Practice Mindfulness to help Overall Well-Being.

     La-Rose Wellness and Basketball will Teach Your Children everything they Need To Know about being Active For Life!


Participating in physical activities can help young people make friends and gain acceptance from their peers. We know that youth are far more motivated when they are part of the decision making process and not just passive recipients of instruction. Your kids will leave our camps/clinics being able to perform certain tasks and feeling empowered. La-Rose Wellness & Basketball will help your children become more aware of how active they are and make them active participants in the process of changing their fitness habits.


Learn Basketball

Improve Fitness

Build Confidence

Have Fun

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